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How the Learning Centre will help?
  • By Multiple Intelligence Evaluation with Remedies & Counselling
  • Through Personality Test
  • By Music Frequencies
  • By giving Study Skills
How the Learning Centre works?
  • Through Smart Mind Programming
  • Through Psychometric Test
  • Through Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT): the finger-print analysis
  • Through imparting Smart Study Skills technique
Program Highlights
Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT): The Finger-Print Analysis

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is a biometric analysis based on the scientific study of fingerprints. DMIT is useful for all age groups, it is particularly beneficial for parents and teachers to understand a child's innate strengths as well as areas that need molding.
DMIT Report helps you discover the following:

  • INBORN STRENGTHS & WEAKNESS WITH REMEDIES: (Intra-personal, Inter- personal, Logical, Visualization, Fine & Gross Motor Skills, Language ability, Music & Sound, Nature Love & Visual appreciation)
  • BRAIN DOMINANCE: Left or Right Brainer
  • LEARNING STYLE: Visual, Auditory or kinesthetic
Smart Study Skills

These techniques reduce Kids' study time and are generally not taught in School.
For kids aged 8 years to 18 years

  • Wheel of Life
  • Memory Technique (Linked Method)
  • Memory Technique (PEG System)
  • Memory Technique (Major)
  • Mind Mapping
  • Goal Setting
  • Speed Reading
Smart Mind Programming

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind by using Guided Special Frequency Audio files supported with an affirmation to enhance
The Child should listen to each audio file for 15-21days anytime. The music has a special Subliminal Coding- the frequency that enhances his attribute for which it is played. The audios also include Affirmations that reprogram the subconscious mind of the child. This music should be heard by participants once a day preferably when he hits the bed. Even if the child sleeps frequency works. This will give the same effect on adults as well.

  • Positive Energy Boosting Music (Type 2 & Type 3)
  • Focus on Learning & Concentration Music
  • Memory Enhancing Music
  • Study Music - Super Memory and Concentration (for final exam study time)
Psychometric Test

Understanding the Child through Psychometric Test. The Questionnaire needs to be filled by the Child & send it back to us. We will generate a 9-Page Self-explanatory report through which you will discover:

  • Multiple Intelligence: 8 Multiple Intelligence based on Dr. Howard Gardner theory.
  • Personality Type: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Compliant, Enterprising & Conventional.
  • Best Career Options: Based on Dominant Strengths/Multiple Intelligence. PS: The minimum age for Psychometric Report is 8 years.

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About the Trainer

Asif Z Rizvi

Throughout 1st Division holder / Topper

  • International Certified Career Coach (ICCC)
  • DMIT Counselor
  • PG Diploma (Mass Comm.) - Gold Medalist
  • LLB
  • MBA (Marketing)
  • BA (Hon's-Geography)
  • Certified Pranic Healer.

Started the corporate working career from 1995 as a media professional having hands-on experience in Communications Management; Advertising & Public Relations; Stage, Radio & Television as Voice & Drama artist (from the age of seven years). Further, moved on to Mass Comm. Education in terms of coaching & counselling for career options in the fields of print, electronic, web and development communication. Also, looked after the recruitment & selection of the candidates / students in the said fields as a Coach & Counsellor

Awards & Recognitions:
  • Alp Sankhyak Samman – 2018
  • Innovative Educaion Leaders Award – 2019 by the World Innovation Congress.

Asif Z Rizvi is amongst the top 50 educationist in India who have received the honour. The “50 Education Innovative Leaders” is a reflection of the professional achievement which strengthens the recipient as a thought leader in Education Sector & a contributor of value for the Future Generation.

  • Pratibha Bhushan Rang Bharti Samman – 2019 by the Hon’ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh
  • Shikshak Samman – 2020 by Subharti University
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